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Flight-Seeing Charters (directions and narration)

"The Maze" Charter

Flight from Ketchikan through the Adams Range to Stewart, BC

"The Glaciers"

Two charter flights from Ketchikan over the Glaciers to Stewart, BC

"Hunter Bay" Charter

Charter to the cannery at Hunter Bay

"The Cabins" Charters

VFR directions to all of the cabins with full briefing, maps and FSN plans

Quick TreeTop VFR Plans

TripTic to Aiken Creek Camp, in the North Arm of Moria Sound on Prince of Wales Isld.

TripTic the Blue Lake from (PAKT) ... this can be a difficult landing.

TripTic the Bradford Fisheries complex from (PAKT)

TripTic to for ALL the Misty Fjords Scenery Cabins

TripTic to Cedar Ridge Lake Retreat (flying over Summit Lake first)

TripTic to Dan's Hideaway - a lovely residence on Prince of Wales Isld.

TripTic to Dog Salmon Creek Camp, in the Polk Inlet on Prince of Wales Island

TripTic to Eagle Lake Lodge on Eagle Lake east of the Bell Arm of the Behm Canal

TripTic to Eddystone Rock- A wierd rock found in the center of the Behm Canal

TripTic to Goose Bay Cabin, up the Skoal Arm on Prince of Wales Island

TripTic to High Lake Lodge, in the Kassa Inlet on the west side of Prince of Wales Isld.

TripTic to Hugh Smith Lake for Ranger Station, USFS Cabin and Fish Hatchery

TripTic to Hunter Bay Cannery, part of the MM basic scenery package

TripTic to Klikwan Fish Camp near Hunter Bay on Prince of Wales island

TripTic to Last Chance Lake, a beautiful short flight out of Stewart up to the glaciers

TripTic to the Loring Watermill, about 13 miles from PAKT

TripTic to the Punchbowl Lake airfield (beautiful high lake scenery)

TripTic to Misty Lumber Company near Prince Rupert on the Kwinamass River

TripTic to Ranger Lookout Station ... beautiful and dangerous

TripTic to Raptor's Roost on a high lake just west of the Portland Canal

TripTic to Snowy Owl Fish Camp, above the Behm Canal

TripTic to Spotted Lake Retreat ... full service lodge, wildlife, tent camping, etc.

TripTic to Summit Lake Lodge ... not a landing zone for the timid!

TripTic to Windfall Harbor ... site for ultralight practice, seaplane mooring

TripTic to Yes Bay Lodge - Beautiful Lodge tucked back into Yes Bay

About the Charters

The charters help you learn the territory, they expand your knowledge of the visual waypoints you are encountering so you will know where to make your turns, ascents and descents. Also, it is easy Click to Enlargeto set a GPS and fly to a waypoint for a lake or a cabin, but what do you do when the weather is not ideal? (You will see, when you download the weather from the internet to make your flight more realistic, that 8 out of 10 times, you are at minimal VFR conditions). But you have people vacationing out in the forest in the cabins that need to be picked up "on Monday" and other visitors who will take their place "on Monday." If you wait for the blue skies, you will have some starving people out in the wilderness and a long line of people in your waiting room drinking your free coffee! Ceilings of 2000 feet are typical ... but the mountains range from 2000 to 7500 feet. You may easily get above the clouds and fly to a GPS waypoint, but where are you going to come down through such a ceiling with hundreds of rocky peaks below you? The only way to solve this problems is fly treetop, above the flat and [mostly] predictable surface of the water. This means the route you take may not be direct at all, but will be winding through the maze of mountains and fjords. None of these have electronic waypoints ... you must learn to recognize them, visually. The charters teach you how to do this.

Using the Charters

You can read through the charters on the web, and when you decide upon one that you want to fly, you can just go to the "Printer Friendly" file and it will download for you quickly for that particular charter. Print it out and you are on your way. Also, you can "enlarge" the map for printing two ways, by clicking on the Enlarge Map [here] or by just clicking on the map itself. It is suggested you print that also as it will be a handy reference for you while flying.

Using the TripTix

Imagine you are a bush pilot sitting in your Ketchikan area office, you decide to make your own TripTix (trip tickets) so you can remember how to get to a particular location. You grab a pad of Misty Moorings, Inc paper, sit down to the typewriter and type out the directions so you can go find the place some other time ... or so another pilot can could find the location. You stuff these into the map box on the plane so the next time someone needs to go to a particular location, all you have to do is dig it out of the map box and scotch tape it to the windshield.

The Purpose of the TripTix is to help people quickly find a particular addon scenery using TreeTop VFR planning and directions. All of these are created for low level flight for unfavorable, but must-fly weather. Not as informative as the Charters, but they will "get you there" the first time safely. Print them out and scotch tape them to the panel and follow your way along. These too are designed to help the virtual pilot "learn" the area as landmarks are pointed out along the way for the pilot. (TripTix is "plural" ... but you will also see TripTic which is singular ... meaning "Trip Ticket."

Software Helpers for the Charters

There are helpers that we have added for the novice bush pilots. If you have FSNavigator, routes have been created for all the charters. The routes can be downloaded from within the charter package. These plans will fly you through even the most treacherous areas and get you through safely. Also, for the Misty Fjords area, there is an EZ-Landmark database, with over 400 waypoints made especially for Misty Fjords, that can be downloaded and used with the EZ-Landmark program (see below). This database can be downloaded from the table at the top of this page. With the [shift F11] stroke you can make these waypoint names appear and disappear. You do not need these programs to fly these charters, you can fly them purely VFR. All the headings are listed for you.

  • FSNavigator Click to Enlarge

    • FSNavigator is a fully integrated plug-in for FS2004, FS2002, FS2000, and FS98. The program is activated with the F9 key. Pressing this key makes Flight Simulator change its face to become FSNavigator. At the same time all Flight Simulator functions continue normally. The Menu and all FS keys remain active. In the alternative display mode FSNavigator is a separate window, that can be positioned freely anywhere in the Flight Simulator Window. For display of the world map FSNavigator uses your own Flight Simulator scenery. Addon scenery which has been added to your scenery library in FS, is also displayed on the world map. FSNavigator can be used in full in a trial period of 20 Flight Simulator sessions. After this the world map will be empty. If after the 20 free sessions you want to use the program without restrictions then a registration key is necessary. [click here] You can also purchase this program from SimFlight [here].
    • When you download the "plans" from the zip files in the various charters you will find files with the suffix ".fsn" and these are the FSNavigator plan files. These should be placed in:

      Flight Simulator 9/Modules/FSNavigator/Plans/*.fsn

    • Once you have placed them in the folder, you can load them. INSIDE FSNavigator go to the 'open file' (at the top, 2nd icon from the left in the second row) click it and select the plan you want.
    • Note: don't try to use these plans using an F-18 (unless you have crash "turned off!").
    • Pilot's Note: In the FSNav Options menu there is a menu item called Settings. If you select the FMS tab and Mode 2 and make the following changes you will have control of your aircraft.

      1. The HDG scroll down to set Heading. This will cause FSNav to set the Heading Bug on the gyro but not set the auto pilot heading. You can make it set the heading with CTRL H, then the autopilot will follow the flightplan in FSNav.

      2. The ALT scroll down to Set Manually. This will allow you to set the altitude to whatever you want with CTRO Z. (You will use this often for Treetop Flying in these charters).

      Leave the rest of the settings at the default. Click OK. Then on FMS set FSNav to M2, unless you want it to fly the flightplan for you. Autopilot is unnecessary unless you step away or are typing in the chat window. Once you have set to a heading or altitude disable them at will with CTRL H or CTRL ZZ don't turn off the autopilot with Z as this will also kick FSNav out of flying the Flightplan. (see note 4)

  • EZ-Landmarks
    • While flying in the simulator, do you peer out the window towards the ground below and wonder what you're looking at? What is that mountain, this inlet's name or that riverClick to Enlarge basin or glacier? EZ-Landmark is like having your own private tour guide. The idea behind this ingenious software is simple: display the name of the landmark for you. The program includes more than 170,000 600,000+ sites and other databases for the world as well. Misty Moorings, Inc. adds one more database for you. The latest database is available by clicking on the picture below. This database will name the glaciers, mountains and key waypoints in Misty Fjords. We continually update the database as we add sceneries and as we too learn more about the area. (And if we miss a landmark you think should be there, contact us and we'll put it in for you. Then you can download it later and your waypoint will be there. Watch for the latest date on it.
    • You can find this base software package at the SimFlight site. They also have a "try before you buy" option that allows you to download and try the program from Abacus. [click here]
    • To view the landmark labels, you press [Shift F11] and press it again and they disappear. The Misty Fjords database has about 400 new waypoints in it that cover the entire flying area of the Misty Fjords scenery package.
    • First, you must install EZ-Landmarks. To install the database, download it from the table above. Unzip the file and place it in:

    Flight Simulator 9/EZ-Landmarks/

    • Turn on the flight simulator and under the options for EZ-Landmark's dropdown, put a check in the "Misty Fjords" box. Your new database is now active. Check often with this website to make sure you always have the updated version, we continually add to it as new scenery addons are created.
    • EZ-Landmark may be purchased from Abacus [here].

    • The best database for both Misty Fjords and Tongass Wild is the "full alaska/hawaii" GNIS database. To get this latest database set, click here:



    Click on the picture below for the latest Misty Fjords Database (Aug 2006)

    Flight Simulator 9 Flight Planner Files (.pln)

    • Often these files will not be available for these charters. These only work when you are flying from and airport to an airport. Our charters may start from an airport such as Ketchikan Int'l PAKT, but you are flying to a cabin or a glacier, not another airport. So such plans do not work for most of these flights. (But that's why we fly VFR and not IFR in Misty Fjords!). But don't let this stop you ... treetop VFR is not about autopilots and electronics ... it is about eyesight, knowledge of the area and sometimes courage.
    • If the plan is available, then it must be carefully placed in your FS9 file. This can be typically found at: C:\ Documents and Settings\[your name]\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files\. An easy way to find your file is to do a SEARCH for *.pln and you will see where your FS9 plans are being stored. Place .pln files in that same location.

  • Briefings for the Kneeboard
    • The Charters will have briefings that you can bring up from the kneeboard (F10). These will be set up to give you VFR directions in BOLD type and historical, geographical, general narrative in italic type. If you take a ride in a bush plane around Ketchikan, you'll find your pilot not only knows how to fly, he or she usually also knows how to TALK! They love to tell stories about the area and point out sights out the window as the beautiful world of Misty Fjords goes by. The charters are meant not only to get you from point A to point B, they are also intended to give you information on the Misty Fjords National Monument and the people that live and work there. You can download the briefings from the table at the top of the charter pages.

If you have any questions, comments or additions, you can contact us at mistymoorings@jdlinn.com.

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