Route Notes:

  • Minimum altitude: no minimum ... suggested 1000 feet.
  • Direct Routing: If the weather is favorable, from Mountain Point fly 357 for 34 miles.
  • Landing zone: water and hard runway, water freezes in winter
  • Spotted Lake Retreat scenery needed from Misty Moorings
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Spotted Lake Retreat

Complete with runway on small "Spotted Lake" nestled among the mountains off the Behm Canal at N55 49.53 W131 08.70. Has bear viewing and safe storage stand, dock for the floatplane and extra fuel. Lovely cabin with fire in the fireplace. Tent camping available. Wildlife seen in the immediate area. Fly about 5 miles north of the outfall of the Chickamin River on the Behm Canal. The lake is located about 2 miles inland. A misting rapids tumbling into the Behm Canal is your clue to turn inland!

TreeTop VFR Plan

From: Ketchikan International
To: Spotted Lake Retreat

1. Fly a heading of 100 down the Tongass Narrows toward Pennock Island
...Fly over the center of Pennock Island for the cruise ships on left and the Clione vessel plying the narrows.
...You'll pass Ketchikan on your left and see Saxman coming up on your left as you fly over Pennock Island.
...Coming up on your right is Gravina Point.

2. Over Pennock Island, set a heading of 095 shooting the gap between Mountain point on your left and Race Point on your right.
...You are now heading directly for Bold Island
...As we fly, you will be passing the entrance to the the Carol Inlet on your left, it winds up behind Ketchikan, but is eventually a dead end.
...Small Spire Island comes up to starboard
...Just past Spire Island the point of land is Reef Point. You should be heading for the center of Bold Island, just ahead.

3. Over Bold Island, maintain a course of 095, you are heading for Alava Point about 8 miles ahead.
...look closely and you will see the small Antellope Trail Ranch down to your left there in Coho Cove.
...To our left is the inlet to the Thorne Arm.
...You are flying down the Revillagigedo Channel ( the gateway to Alaska from the south). Wach for cruise ships in this area.
...Continue to Alava Point, we will be rounding it to the left starting to fly up the Behm Canal.

4. Once you have just cleared the point, make a left turn to 010 setting a visual heading for the left shore far in the distance
...We are getting ready to fly over Alava Bay, look closely at the large island and you may see the Alava Bay Cabin
...The first point you encounter after Alava Bay is Ape Point
...The next point justting into the Behm Canal from the left shore is Fox Point ... head to fly over Fox Point.
...continuing on this heading (095) you will see Rudyerd Island coming up, visually head to fly over it.
...just beyond Rudyerd Island is Smeaton Island. Head for the center of Smeaton Island, maintain minimum of 1200 feet. to the right of Smeaton Island you'll see Smeaton Bay on the starboard side of the canal.
... the leading edge of Smeaton Island is called Harris point ... recheck your altitude for minimum 1200.

5. As you reach the far shore of Smeaton Island, make a heading correction, turn left to 335 over Eddystone Rock.
...the northern point of Smeaton Island should come under your port wing, that is Harding Point. to starboard (your right) you will see little Candle Island, then just beyond it the beautiful Winstanley Island
...there are two cabins on Winstanley Island.
... you may want to drop down to 300 feet to get a good look at Eddystone Rock, a strange rock structure in the center of the Behm Canal.

6. Over Eddystone Rock, continue heading of 335 flying toward Manzanita Island, 4 miles ahead.
...You will see it appearing like a penninsula from the port side of the Behm Canal.

7. Over Manzinita Island, set a heading of 320 following the port shoreline toward Snip Island.
... don't get too close in foggy weather as there are mountains near the shore.
... you will pass over tiny Snip Island.

8. Over little Snip Island, come slightly left (about 310) following the left shoreline watching for a misting outfall of a river.
... reduce altitude to 1000 feet
... You will see a small inlet called Portage cove on the left shore in about 3 miles... fly just off the shoreline
... The inlet to the Chickamin River will pass on the starboard side of the canal.
... you will see a river coming out from between the mountains about 11 o'clock, with mist coming from a waterfall, this is where you will make a sharp turn to port.

9. At the misting waterfall, turn to port to follow the curving little river to its outfall on Spotted Lake.
... following the river will line you up on the runway at the Spotted Lake Retreat.

To Return to Ketchikan, Reverse the above Route.

Doug Linn
Charter Manager
Misty Moorings, Inc

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