Route Notes:

  • Minimum altitude: no minimum ... suggested 1000 feet.
  • Direct Routing: If the weather is favorable, you may fly from Vallenar Point, the direct heading is 239 and the distance is 24 miles.
  • Landing zone: water only, does not freeze in winter
  • Download and install Goose Bay Cabin from Misty Moorings.
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Goose Bay Cabin

Goose Bay Cabin is located on Prince of Wales Island. A fine dock for fishing, parking your boat or your float plane. There's ground transportation available at the site. This facility is located in Polk Inlet coming off the southwest arm of Kassan Bay. The cabin has a large barn and comes with an SUV so you can drive around the area and explore.

TreeTop VFR Plan

From: Ketchikan International
To: Goose Bay Cabin

1. Fly a heading of about 295 northwest up the center of the Tongass Narrows to Vallenar Point.
... Fly up the Tongass Narrows passing to starboard Ward Cove, Totem Bight.
... Higgins Point is the last point of land to the starboard side of the Narrows.
... Vallenar Point is the last point of land on the port side of the Narrows.
... you will see the small Guard Islands just off the Vallenar point and the Guard Lighthouse about 3 miles ahead out in the Clarence Straight.

2. Over Vallenar Point, set a heading of 244 for the Skoal Point marine light, 15 miles ahead.
... the Patterson Islands will pass under your port wing in about 11 miles ahead.
... as you pass over the Patterson Islands, Skoal Point is three miles ahead
... the Skoal Point navigation marker is about 1/4 mile to the starboard of Skoal Point.
... the navigation marker is at the entrance of the Skoal Arm, we will be flying up the center of this channel.

3. Over the Skoal navigation marker, set a heading of 242 to the entrance of the Polk Inlet, 5.5 miles ahead.
... Saltery Cove will pass to port, followed by Kahyyam Point
... McKenzie Inlet passes by to port
... we are heading for Polk Inlet, straight ahead
... there is a large round island to the starboard side of the arm ... this is the entrance to the Polk Inlet.

4. As you enter Polk Inlet, you will find it gently curves to port, follow it until the inlet comes to a heading of 270.
... Little Goose Bay is the inlet at 11 o'clock as you fly down the inlet.
... when the inlet comes to a heading of 270, begin to get into landing configuration. Goose Bay Cabin is 3 miles at 11 o'clock

5.When you are at 270, turn left to 130 into Goose Bay
... The cabin will be directly in front of you at a distance of two miles.


To return direct: Fly a heading of 057 for 21 miles to cross over Vallenar Point

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Charter Manager
Misty Moorings, Inc.

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