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WELCOME to the links page. Here you will find links to other sites associated with Misty Fjords.

For both the VAs and the private pilots, we hope you utilize the many things we have here at Misty Moorings, inc. for your pilots. We have charters, TripTix, and sceneries you are welcome to use.

If you are associated with Misty Fjords and would like a link here, just ask [here]. You may "borrow" our logo and description below to put on your site if you like.

Alaska Air Travel

Alaskan Air Travel is an established virtual air charter service operating in the Ketchikan/Misty Fjords area. We offer an Air Taxi service utilising three DeHavilland DH-2 Beavers along with a scheduled commuter service operating a Beechcraft 1900D to access the whole of the southeast. In addition to this, we fly a Beechcraft Volpar, Grumman Widgeon, Cessna 310, Aerospatiale AS350, DeHavilland TwinOtter and a Piper Supercub on a scheduled inter-community/charter basis. With routes to every community, lumber mill, mine, outpost and isolated cabin we surely have interesting and varied flying to offer. Our home page is [here].

Alaska Virtual is a virtual airline based on the real Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air, Era Aviation, and PenAir. Alaska Virtual, in operation since August 2002, is part of the SimAirline.net group, which allows pilots to conveniently fly for all of the virtual airlines in the organization. Home Page [here]

Alaskan Winds (Air Service) is a virtual aviation company that has been operating since 2000. AW has several Offices covering the entire state, including Anchorage and, of course, Ketchikan, the gate to this untamedterritory. Our fleet has expanded greatly over the years, and today itincludes the major freeware packs but also the bush flying oriented payware aicraft. Our pilots are a constant presence on the MP serversand several pilots joined us during an MP and got their IDs before the flights' end! Come meet us for an unforgettable experience on Earth's last and luxurious resort. Our Home Page is [here]. And our Forum is [here].

Aurora Air Service is a bush charter service headquartered at Merrill Field in Anchorage, Alaska with offices located throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. We provide on demand passenger and cargo charter services from all of our offices including scheduled village service from our Fairbanks office. Alaska offices include Anchorage, Kenai, Fairbanks, Cold Bay, Bethel, Deering, Valdez, Juneau, Ketchikan and coming soon McGrath and Kodiak. We fly both fixed wing bush aircraft and helicopters. There is no job too big to be handled by Aurora Air Service. We are also codeshare partners with Margarita Air Club, Cape Air Virtual, Bering Air Virtual and Aurora View Virtual Wilderness Lodges. Home Page [here].

Beaver Air Company is a new Virtual Airline from a long standing VA Dan Air Virtual. Beaver Air operates out of Ketchikan International and harbor and serves the Alaskan community personally. Delivering supplies to the most remote areas is just a small part in this VA. We have online Multiplayer events and fun and a group post and sundries run all played out on multiplayer involving 4 or more pilots. Beaver Air has more routes in the pipeline. Come join a friendly bunch of pilots and have fun. Our home page is [ here ].

Bush Flying Unlimited is a virtual bush flying club based on all flight simulators... unlike atypical aviation club, BFU flies to just about any destination, including Ketchikan. An airport is not a requirement. As a result, being a BFU pilot can be quite an experience. Another factor that makes BFU different is that its pilots are not employees in the sense that they come in to work every morning, fly all day, and go home at night. BFU pilots are freelancers... jobs that are posted are available on a first come, first served basis and no one is required to take them. Honestly, with the kinds of duties we have to carry out, it might be hard to find people to do this day in and day out. The Home Page for Bush Flying Unlimited is [here].

Misty Moorings, inc. is the "addon support site" for the Misty Fjords Scenery package, recently released. We are not a VA, but rather a support site for VAs and private virtual pilots as they fly around Ketchikan and Misty Fjords. We have a Real Estate Office (Scenery), a Tool Shed (FAQ and Tools), a News Office (what's new), a Charter Office (preplanned Charters and TripTix to find the addons), a Picture Gallery (screenshots), a Hangar (for repaints), an Environmental Office (for FSE fans) and even a Library (for "real" URLs to the "real" Misty Fjords). If you come to Misty Fjords, don't fly "over" it, fly "into" it. Treetop flying in Misty Fjords is something every virtual pilot should experience. Welcome to our site! Our home page is [here].

Alaska Virtual Airlines along with Horizon, Era and PenAir, is a major contracted venture with Northwest Airlines as well as KLM, Continental, and Mesaba. In operation since 1997. We have the permission from Alaska Airlines to operate as a Virtual Airline using their Airline name, which enables us to fly the timetables and aircraft of Alaska and it's partner Airlines. Many can copy us, but none can be us. Ketchikan is one of our many destinations. We pride ourselves on timely responses to our pilots and offer a true flying experience using the real schedules for all of our airlines. You will find that we are not only a virtual Airline, but also a family. We keep in constant contact with our pilots and help them to enjoy flying and will assist in any training needs that pilots may require. Home Page [here.]

Railrunner pic

The Railrunner130 Homepage is a website dedicated to supporting Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. The site features Aircraft reviews, the occasional modification, tips for flightsim, AFCAD files and aircraft repaints. The site hosts the Alaska AFCADs Project, which is a progressive building of airports for AI traffic use for the entire state of Alaska. It takes into account add-on scenery (some fictional) as well as existing airports. This project has been going since October, 2003 and continues to gain attention with each latest revision. A recent emphasis has been placed on repainting aircraft, which is planned to continue. Come and visit! Our Home Page is [here]


The site of one of our team members, Terry Hansen. This is a great resource for links and there is also a fine forum handling all kinds of FS9 topics. Sort of like a virtual hardware (software) store for FS9 enthusiasts. Our home page is [here].

Worlds Serious Pilots
The WSP's clubhouse, Bar's open 24/7 but remember no drinking and flying please. This is a place for flightsim help, link's, news, FS2004, FS2002, FS9downloads including aircraft, scenery, and mesh. Collect/share screen shots from our adventures and in all to have fun. No fancy requirements, simply sign up for our forum check out the download library and join in. We have online a hoplist with over 1100 hops, The beginning of the hop list is allover the NE and Alaska! Grab Misty Fjords Scenery and stop by! ...also available LIVE ACARS and PIREP! Our home page is [here].

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