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Welcome to the Hangar

This is where we will "house" the aircraft that people repaint for Misty Fjords, Misty Moorings, Inc. or repaints of any REAL (bush) airlines flying out over Misty Fjords. For the authors, just send us a link to where you've posted the plane and a picture of it, we'll post it here for you. The official Misty Moorings, Inc colors are [here].




DC3 - Floats

A repaint of the payware MAAM C47 with Floats. If you want to carry that heavy cargo back to one of the cabins, this is the plane you need. You think landing on a little lake is tricky in an amphib ... well, its downright dangerous in this beautiful plane! But you "gotta' do what you gotta' do! This repaint done by Bill Dick. August 2008

You can download the textures [HERE] (09/20/08)

Bill Dick


A repaint of the FS2004 DC3. I've flown this beautiful airplane all the way around the world, from Ketchikan to Ketchikan! There are much better panels on the AVSIM and FLIGHTSIM sites.

You can download the texture [HERE] (09/20/08)

Bill Dick

Spartan Executive

A repaint of the Spartan Executive for FS2004/FS9
by Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas and Urs Burkhardt.
VC and No-VC models included; matching custom built interior.

You can download plane and texture [HERE] (09/20/08)

Bill Dick

Click to Enlarge

Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver

A recolorization by Dan and Doug Linn of the repainted Aerosoft Beaver by Joe Watson. This is in the Misty Moorings, Inc company colors (upgraded for 3 blade). This from Brent. Updating the main file now. You can download the textures [here]

If you already have downloaded, download this little file to correct the plane from 2 blade to 3 blade prop.

Joe Watson

Dan Linn

Click to Enlarge

The Beech D27 Staggerwing

sim TECH Flight design Staggerwing DC17
AVSIM: simtech_fs9_staggerwing.zip

MM Repaint by David Green
AVSIM: mmoorinc.zip or [here] from Misty Moorings



Backlit Aerosoft Beaver Panel

Here is a panel done by someone (unknown author) it has a backlit panel and a Garmin gps system . all files included use at you own discretion Not responsible for any problems. It works well for me.

Download [here]

Bill Lyon's Goose

Here is a repaint of the exciting Bill Lyon's Grumman Goose ... its "quick" and will get you from here to there in a hurry. Great plane for Misty.

Download the texture [HERE] (09/20/08)

Bill Dick

Nathan Havercroft's Repaing

Promech Air Beaver

Texture files only. The original Beaver model by Aerosoft (http://www.aerosoft-shop.com/). The repaint is based on the color scheme of Promech Air (http://www.promechair.com/) aircraft N995WA. Promech Air is the only full service airline in Southeast Alaska, offering scheduled, freight and charter services. They offer extensive flightseeing tours in conjunction with the many cruise lines that dock in Ketchikan.
Download [here] <= Download from Avsim

Nathan Havercroft, Aerosoft

Click to Enlarge

Carenado 206F Stationaire

This is a repaint of the workhorse Carenado 206F Stationaire, painted in the Misty Moorings, Inc colors by Bill Dick.

Download Repaint [here] (09/20/08)

Bill Dick

Click to Enlarge Picture

Minimoa V5 by Wolfgang Piper

This is the plane by Wolfgang Piper and the Misty Moorings, Inc repaint by Bill Dick. It is a Schempp-Hirth Gö-3 'Minimoa' Vers.5 for FS2002-2004. It is a one seat glider for performance between 1935 and 1939. Flying this beautiful glider above the breathtaking scenery of Misty Fjords is a real treat. Out thanks to Mr. Piper for the aircraft and Mr. Dick for the repaint.

Plane & Repaint [here] (02/07/2005)

W Piper

B Dick

Click to Enlarge

Buck's Buggy (AN-14)

A terrific bush plane and one Buck will be flying around in quite a bit during his adventures in "The Misty Tale." This aircraft can literally can land ON THE NUMBERS of a runway. Extremely short takeoff and landing capabilities.

Repaint [here] (03/07/2005)

Anton Nikolaev

Repaint by Bill Dick

Hank's Scoot (Real Air Scout)

Here is a repaint by Bill Dick for the Real Air Scout. This is Hank's favorite plane ... a little "beat up" but solid mechanically!.

Repaint [here] (03/19/2005)

Repaint by Bill Dick

Click for Large Picture

Misty Moorings, Inc
Real Air Scout ... all models

Repaint works for all models of the Real Air Scout, just drop the additional section into the config file. Works BOTH for the amphibian and the taildragger! (See the readme.txt).

Repaint [here] (03/21/2005)

Repaint by Bill Dick

Click to Enlarge

Misty Moorings, Inc
FSD Porter Repaint by Bill Dick

Here is Misty's Porter Moose .. sort of a ragtag aircraft with the paint job feeling the stresses of the cruel and wet Alaskan winter. But it runs exceptionally well thanks to Hank's deft skills with the engines and avionics.

Repaint [here] (03/25/2005)

Repaint by Bill Dick

Misty Fjords Bush Adventures
SuperCub repaint by David Green

Here is a fine repaint of the Aerosoft Super Cub in the Misty Fjords Bush Adventures colors.

Repaint [here] (03/27/2005)

Repaint by David Green

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