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The Library at Totem Bight

For those of us who do not live near MistyFjords, we are finding we have a lot to learn about this beautiful area. There are some new terms, historical and cultural facts we would like to learn more about."The Library"at Totem Bight is located right off the great room with the fireplace. There is a fine bottle of Port there on the little table with small port glasses beside it. Pull up a comfortable easy chair, and feel free to browse through the many url references and search engines for websites that we've listed for you here.

-- Terms defined

Terms typical of the area that may need a definition

-- Important reference url's

urls referencing facts on the Misty Fjords National Monument area

-- Misty Fjords FAQs

Misc. notes and assorted facts that are fun to know

Terms and Definitions


A bend in a coast forming an open bay


Kasaan gets its name from the Tlingit word meaning "pretty town."


Like a soggy blanket draped over the landscape, muskeg, or peat bog, covers more than 10 percent of southeast Alaska (more) (This would be a "landclass" for simmers).


Nanatuks appear as bare rock islands extending above the surface of the surrounding glacier. Examples of "nunataks" can be seen north of the Chickamin Glacier. Mount John Jay, Mount Upshur, and other prominent peaks over 6,500 feet high line the International Border. (more)


A rude picture, as of a bird, beast, or the like, used by the North American Indians as a symbolic designation, as of a family or a clan; also, the object or animal itself, considered as an symbol of the family.

Reference URLs on Misty Fjords
Alaska Pictures

From Larry Dowell, original pics may be used for background info

Annette Island

Annette Island's Portal for information on the island

Bayview Cemetary, Ketchikan

Interesting "SitNews" on the Cemetary at Ketchikan

Guard Lighthouse

Guard Lighthouse at Entrance of the Tongass Narrows, Ketchikan

Haida Indians

Haida... hy'-duh - From Alaska.Com ... history and background

Haida Indians

Beautiful site - don't miss this one - www.civilization.ca

Haida Indians

Extensive history of this Indian tribe from college.hmco.com

Haida Indians

Katlin & Karlee's site (Children) on the Haida Indians

Ketchikan Airport

Picture of docs & terminal area [here] Picture of hangers [here]

Ketchikan History

Bell's site on Ketchikan's History

Ketchikan History

ExploreNorth's site on Ketchikan's History

Ketchikan Web Cam

From Ketchikan.com ... updates every 20 seconds!

Ketchikan Sit News

Ketchikan ... things going on around town

Ketchikan pictures

Ketchikan ... good tourist pics, airport, harbor, city shots

Ketchikan Visitors Bureau

Ketchikan Visitor's Center Information


The "now silent" and "almost" Ketchikan ... a rival quieted

Lumber Industry, Alaska

From AKForest.org ... good facts on the industry in all Alaska

Mary Island Light

Mary Island is the second lighthouse encountered to AK from the south

Misty Fjords Nat'l Monument

By GORP, everything about the park, from geology to ecosystems

Misty Fjords Plane Trip (Beaver!)

Pics of a float plane trip through Misty Fjords

Nautical Charts Page

MapTech Map server centered on Ketchikan for Nautical Charting

New Eddystone Rock

Eddystone Rock, Misty Fjords Pictures (more) (more)

PAKT Weather

NOAH Weather for Ketchikan

PAKT Airport

Pictures of PAKT ... the Bob Ellis Bush Pilot Site

PANT Weather

NOAH Weather for Annette Island Airport

Prince Rupert,BC History

History of Prince Rupert, BC

Prince of Wales Island

Alaska Online's site discussing the Prince of Wales Island

Portland Canal

Panarama View from Virtual Guidebooks

Revillagigedo and Gravina Islands

ExploreNorth's site on Revilla and Gravinal


Alaska Online's site discussing Saxman

Southeast Alaska Overview

From usa.edu ... overview of SE Alaska, Geology, industyr and culture

Stewart/Hyder Mine Disaster

Mine disaster history near Stewart & Hyder (ExploreNorth.com)

Stewart/Hyder History & Background

History and background on Stewart & Hyder from their own website

Thorne Bay Information

Maps, Culture, History on Thorne Bay Alaska from their website

Tlinget Indians

From Karl's One Nation ... (pronounced KA-LIN-GIT)

Tlinget Indians

History, trees, heirlooms, transformations from Carnegie Institute

Tlinget Indians

From Everything Alaska ... Tlinget History (Totem Bight discussed)

Tinglet Indians

Kstorm.net - Maps showing Alaskan Tribes and cultural linkage

Tlingit Indians

lcweb2.com - extensive research site on all things Tlingit

Tlingit Indians

Central Council Page for Tlingit and Haida Indians

Tongass National Forest

US Forestry Service Information Page

Totem Bight State Park

Alaska Travels Site on origin of this Alaskan State Park

Tree Point Lighthouse

Tree Point is 40 miles south of Ketchikan at entrance to Revillagigedo Ch

Webster's Dictionary

Search engine for Webster's Dictionary

FAQs on Misty Fjords

Cabins - US Forestry Service Origin

the cabins were used as survivor retreats; if a pilot's ac got stranded someplace they would look for a cabin and GENERALLY there would be shelter and sometimes food, fuel (which you, by gentlemen's agreement, would REPLACE as soon as you could, not pay for) etc.

A Misty-r-ous Question

If the dictionary says a "Channel" is a natural Channel, e.g. the Channel between England and France, and a Canal is an excavated Canal , e.g. the Panama Canal, then why is the Behm Canal not named the Behm Channel?

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