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Welcome to the Environmental Office

This is where we will be keeping track of how we are changing and enhancing the environment at Misty Fjords with even more exciting sights and sounds bringing it alive. This is the page for the FSEnhancer files and the AI Traffic files for Misty Moorings, Inc Sceneries.

FS Enhancer Library
AI Traffic Files
FSE Construction Projects

Click for LagoFSE - What is it?

FS Enhancer 2004 is the sequel to FS Scenery Enhancer for 2002 and includes FS Sound Scape and the best selling title for FS2000, FSTraffic, this all new product has now been totally redesigned to satisfy every simmer´s needs. This is the ultimate Scenery editing tool ever created for MS Flight Simulator!

Note to Developers and Users

Anything done by Misty Moorings, Inc has an "MM-" in front of the filename. There is a great deal of interest in FSE for Misty Fjords and many people will be posting. But be very careful you do not download a file where you may already have a file. The list below will help people know the locations for the present downloadable FSE files we have. Good idea to add a V1 (version) so you can tweak it later if you like. Also, check the basic Misty Moorings V1 FSE.zip file to see if the sounds you might need are already there saving you upload/download time.

FSE Files Ready-To-Use
Alphabetical Order by Location Name

If you would like to download all these files, click HERE ... Full FSE Library for Misty Moorings

FSE Name Location File Name Author Date/Comments
MM-Basic FSE Misty Fjords Area Misty_Moorings_I FSE.zip P Cayton 29 meg basic file for all MM FSE addons for Misty Moorings.
Aiken Creek Moria Arm MM-AikenCreek.zip P Cayton MM - Aiken Creek
Annette Island PANT Airport at Annette Island DW-Annette-V1.zip
Dan Wambolt
PANT upgrade by Dan Wambolt
Cedar Ridge Lake Secret Location MM-CedarLakeRidge_V2.zip P Cayton MM - Cedar Ridge Creek, a fly fisherman's dream hideaway. (10/17/2004)
Dan's Hideaway   MM-danhide.zip P Cayton MM - Dan's Hideaway
Deer Creek Glider Club Deer Mountain over Ketchikan DeerMountainFSE.zip P Cayton Includes Deer Creek Airstrip
Dog Salmon Creek   MM-dogsalmon-V1.zip P Cayton MM FSE for Dog Salmon Creek
Eagle Lake Lodge 40 miles north of Ketchikan on Eagle Lake MM-Eaglelake.zip P Cayton MM - Eagle Lake Lodge
Goose Bay Polk Inlet coming off the southwest arm of Kassan Bay MM-goosebay.zip P Cayton MM - Goose Bay
FSE PROJECT ALL MF AREAS Click [here] for INDEX fse_project.zip
Dan Wambolt
FSE for MM: Loring, Yes Bay, Bell Island, Hollis, Hydaburg, Klawock, Kasaan
High Lake Lodge northwest arm of High Lake on the Prince of Wales Island MM-Highlake.zip P Cayton MM - High Lake Lodge
Hollis Hollis TC-hollis-V1.zip T Carr Nothing added on Hollis seaplane side, mainly concetrated in adding a little colour to the township, and to the bay and dock area in front of the Town. 02/04/2005
Jaap van Hees Sounds For Ketchikan Harbor and Misty Fjords Cabins JvH-FSESounds-V1.zip Jaap van Hees This zip contains extra sound files I have used for my Misty Fjords FSE-sceneries. I also used sounds from the Lago FSE Soundpacks 1, 2 and 3, AND sounds from the Basic FSE-package MM-Basic FSE (Misty Moorings I FSE.zip). (01/19/2005)
Ketchikan Harbor Seaplane Base Ketchikan JvH-Ketchikan-V1.zip Jaap van Hees These files are (fantasy) scenery enhancements for the default Ketchikan Harbour Seaplane Base (5KE) scenery. Requires JvH-FSESounds-V1.zip (01/19/2005)
Misty Fjords Cabins All Misty Fjords Area JvH-Cabins-V1.zip Jaap van Hees This contribution adds FSE "environments" to all of the cabins in Misty Fjords. Adds jettys for seaplanes and other environment-enhancing sounds, etc. Requires JvH-FSESounds-V1.zip (01/19/2005)
Last Chance Lake Stewart BC MM-LastChanceLake-V2.zip P Cayton Adds a special and interesting environment for the beautiful Last Chance Lake scenery (Updated! 01/26/2005)
PANT Craig, AK PANT FSE_for_ BFU Annette.zip

Dan Wambolt
Peter Hesse

This is a modification of Dan Wambolt's original file fse-annette.zip to fit the BFU Annette scenery of Brian Gladden. Only the PANT data file (SE2) and track file (OSC) have been modified, the sound file (SC) has only been renamed accordingly. The enhancements for MTM-DCW and TamgasHarbor-DCW have not been modified and are Dan's originals, but they are here included for a complete enhancement. (03/02/2005)
Port Simpson Port Simpson TC-portsimpson-V1.zip T Carr Mainly added colour to the harbour area (see the "before, and after" shots
and the actual pic of the area). 01/04/2005

Port Simpson

Port Simpson TC-PortSimpsonLog-V1.zip T Carr Added a great little logging area near Port Simpson (02/02/2005)
Punchbowl Lake Cabins Punchbowl Lake BD-Punchbowllake-V1.zip B Dick FSE for Punchbowl Lake Cabin complex (01/14/2005)
Ranger Lookout At the Misty Border MM-RangerLookout-V2.zip P Cayton MM - Start at MM28 - adds an observatory, great sounds and even some wildlife (keep your eyes open) (update 02/04/2005)
Spotted Lake Spotted Lake MM-SpottedLake-V1.zip P Cayton Spotted Lake FSE by Phil Cayton, uploaded 01/07/2004
Seal Cove
[pic here]
Spotted Lake


Mike MacKuen Seal Cove (CZSW) a floatplane base at Prince Rupert B.C. North of downtown, Seal Cove offers shelter from the Pacific to allow safe water-borne operations. Seal Cove (CZSW) is located at N54* 19.5625' W130* 16.3353'.
Summit Lake Lodge Summit Lake MM-Summitlake.zip P Cayton MM - Summit Lake
Yes Bay Lodge Yes Bay, Thorne Arm BS-YesBay-V2.zip B Smith BS - Yes Bay Lodge
Updated 01/07/2005

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AI Traffic and updates for Misty Moorings
Airports affected by AI-Traffic can be found in this table.

AI Traffic Update Date File Name Author Comments
MM-Basic AI Traffic 12/06/2004 Misty_Moorings_Traffic.zip P Cayton This is the basic AI traffic file that must be downloaded for the subsequent updates to work.
AI Geese 12/13/2004 MM_AI Geese.zip P Cayton This is the BASIC file for AI Geese, must be downloaded for updates below to work.
MM AI Traffic
02/26/2005 MM Traffic Update 4.zip P Cayton Adds Misty's Place AI Traffic
AI Geese 01/05/2005 MM_AI_Birds.zip P Cayton Update now adds AI Swans to the original AI Geese file (required)
Glacier Bay AI Ships 01/09/2005 glbay_AI.zip Holger Sandmann New AI Ship Routes for the Glacier Bay Area by Holger Sandmann.
Larcom Island 02/03/2005 larcm_ai.zip Holger Sandmann This file package provides AI traffic for Emmett's fictitious Larcom Island airfield and seaplane base: larcom_island.zip and larcom_island_fix.zip (at Avsim) or larcombc.zip (at FlightSim).

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If you have any questions, comments or additions, you can contact us at mistymoorings@jdlinn.com.

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