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This Basic Scenery Package Must Be Loaded First

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The Basic Scenery Package for Misty Moorings

You MUST HAVE this scenery to make use of the addons from Misty Moorings, Inc. This starting scenery set includes the addons listed below. This package was created by Bill Dick and Phil Cayton. There is a "Basic Scenery Package" page that gives you full descriptions of the addons included in the basic package. Or you may look at each one individually below.

Go [here]
for AI Traffic and FSE Files
Basic MM-Scenery Download [here] (small update 01/16/2005)

Addons in the Misty Moorings, Inc Basic Scenery Package and Descriptions

Totem Bight Ops Center

Operations Center for Misty Moorings, to read more click [here]

Hunter Bay Cannery (TripTic)

A working cannery on Hunter Bay [here] Charter [here]

Herring Bay

A working cannery on Hunter Bay [here]

Gwent Bay Cannery

A working cannery on Gwent Bay [here]

Klinkwan Fish Camp (TripTic)

A Fish Camp Retreat near Hunter Bay [here]

Smith Lake Hatchery (TripTic)

A little fish hatchery on Hugh Smith lake [here]

Fleet Parts Dock

Parts dock supporting the Fishing Fleet [here]

Click HERE to download the MistyMasterZip file
This includes the Basic Package, the AFACDs and all the Scenery Below with Instructions
74994981 Bytes !!!

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Aiken Creek Camp

You will find this little camp situated at a small extension of the north arm of Moria Sound on Prince of Wales Island. This camp has a very tricky approach partly because of the narrow and turning landing zone. The GPS should be set at N55 07.20 W132 12.10. You will fly 23 miles on a heading of 198 from PAKT. Scenery is by Bill Dick.

Scenery [here]
FSE [here]
TripTic [here]

Alaska Short Hops

A marvelous scenery set from Leon Louis. Notice that the update is necessary to avoid interference with Misty's Place. Suggested you download both of them. These are great "short hops" for that Sunday afternoon flight just "for the fun of it!!

Download [here]
Download Misty's Place Compat update [here]

Alaska Short Hops #2

This release includes three new airfields and a downed plane, grouped as a VFR adventure, if you wish to try it. It is situated in Misty Fjords by Holger Sandmann. Details in the download.

Download Alaska Short Hops 2 [here]

Annette Island Lighthouse

This release installs a lighthouse at the South end of Annette Island in Misty Fjords created by Holger Sandmann. There are docking facilities at both the lighthouse and at the service area on shore with also a helipad at the lighthouse. Lots of candies as usual. Scenery by: Leon Louis

Download from AVSIM [here]

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Bell Island Hot Springs Resort

Enhances Bell Island Hot Springs, Seaplane Base (KBE). Adds "Redirection Lodge" with guest cabins, dock, boat house, boardwalks, and hot tub. This is a nice place to visit, you can fish for salmon and halibut, hike the trail to the upper lakes or just spend the day beachcombing and soaking in the hot tub. Scenery by Tom Fica.

Download[here] (02/21/2005)
AFCAD [here]

Big Bear Mountain Ranger Station

Big Bear Mountain Ranger Station is situated in the nice Misty Fjords scenery made by Holger Sandmann. You need to install Misty Fjords first. This fictitious scenery is loaded with candies and has animated Northern Lights (aurora borealis). The new version (Version 2) of the original Big Bear Mountain Ranger Station does not correct any fault but improves visibility to access the runway and adds some objects, building and a cute guest. The original file 'KFF6.zip' is required.
Download original file [here]
Download Version 2 [here]

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Blue Lake (Airfield and Seaplane Pullout)

Blue Lake is a samll grass field and seaplane pullout station situated in 'Grandiose' Misty Fjords created by Holger Sandman. Lots of candies including animated Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Scenery by: Leon Louis

Download from Avsim [here] (02/21/2005)
TripTic [here] (02/22/2005)
FsNavigator Plan [here] (02/22/2005)

Click to Enlarge

Bradfield Fisheries

Bradfield Fisheries is situated in the wonderful Misty Fjord scenery made by Holger Sandman. It is a Fishing port with a few fishing boats and visitors' boats as well. There is a steel runway and float plane dock. Lots of candies on this scenery. Scenery by: Leon Louis

Download from Avsim [here] (02/21/2005)
FSNavigator Plan [here] (02/22/2005)
TripTic from PAKT [here] (02/22/2005)


Cedar Ridge Lake (Updated 01/10/2005)

From Bill Dick, a fine fly fisherman's dream retreat. Tucked back into the beautiful Misty Fjords scenery in a location you will have to "find." This come complete with tents for camping, docks for your boats and a nice small lodging facility. Your best bet on finding this location will be to start from Spotted Lake. (Get and fly the Spotted Lake scenery first)
Scenery [here] (01/12/2005)
Note: If you download this AFTER 01/10/2005 you do not need the update below.
FSE [here]
TripTic [here]

Cedar Ridge Lake Update

Download Update: [here] (01/10/2005)

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Dan's Hideaway

A beautiful residence tucked away in a cove at the very southerrn tip of the south arm of the Cholamandelay Sound about in the center of the Prince of Wales Island. You can fly there direct on a heading of 212 from PAKT for a distance of exactly 25 miles or use the "treetop VFR" or FSNav plans below. Scenery by Bill Dick.

Scenery [here]
TripTic [here] (updated 01/17/2005)
FSE [here]

Click to Enlarge Picture

Deer Mountain Glider Club and Deer Creek Airstrip
High over Ketchikan is the Deer Mountain Airstrip that is the home of the Deer Mountain Glider Club. These adventurous souls launch themselves from the mountain over a breathtaking 3000 foot dropoff. There is a fine observation deck for enjoying the sights and sounds (FSE) and facilities for small GA aircraft. Also included in this package is the Deer Creek Airstrip, a favorite landing zone for the glider club. This little airstrip is tucked back in the mountains behind Ketchikan. Glider launching scenarios are included in the package.
Scenery [here] (02/07/05)
FSE [here]

Dog Salmon Creek
Dog Salmon Creek is a Creek where Dog salmon go to spawn in the fall, the Indians follow these spawning runs to get there winter supply of smoked fish. Each year they set up a fish camp for a week or so and live on the site until they have what they need to last the winter. The smoke houses they use were made from cedar bows as oppossed to huts like we see now. The men fish, catching the salmon by hand and throwing them up on the beach. The women clean and hang the salmon. Scenery [here] (01/18/05)
FSE [here]
TripTic [here] (01/18/05)

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Eagle Lake Lodge

Located about 40 miles north of Ketchikan on Eagle Lake, this little lodge is a great place to spend a week in the beautiful wild of the Tongass National Forest. It has a great dock for fishing or for tying up your boat or floatplane. There is a Jeep for exploring the land around you and a SnowCat to help you get around with heavy snowfall.
Scenery [here]
AFCAD [here]
FSE [here]
TripTic [here]

Eddystone Rock (Its Back!)
The island called"New Eddystone Rock" is a pillar of basalt. Sometime during the last 5 million years, the basalt came from fractures in the floor of Behm Canal. Volcanic magma flows cooled from both the top and the bottom forming the hexagonal columns which are visible for several miles. Later, another glacial advance scoured away much of the flow, leaving behind New Eddystone Rock.
This is an update, so read the "readme" carefully!
Update [here]
TripTic [here] (01/09/2005)
[here] (01/14/2005)

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Flagstaff Creek (Scenery and FSE)
During the winter Flagstaff Creek is intended to be used in it's frozen state using the switching utilityfurnished with Misty Fjords. Therefore, you will not hear the lapping water during the winter.Also note that, if you have the Misty Moorings AI package, float AI may continue to land there evenwhen frozen. This may look a little strange but just imagine that they are aircraft with skis. All sounds are seasonal and time of day dependent.

Scenery [here] (07/17/2005)
FSE [here] (07/17/2005)

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Goose Bay Cabin

Goose Bay Cabin is located on Prince of Wales Island. A fine dock for fishing, parking your boat or your float plane. There's ground transportation available at the site. This facility is located in Polk Inlet coming off the southwest arm of Kassan Bay. From Totem Bight Airfield, the direct heading is 239 and the distance is 24 miles.
Scenery [here]
AFCAD [here]
FSE [here]
TripTic [here]

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High Lake

This lodging is situated on in the northwest arm of High Lake on the Prince of Wales Island. There is a dock for mooring your boat or your floatplane and sufficient room for lodging 4-7 people. Cooking facilities are available along with plenty of firewood. Scenery and environmental magic by Bill Dick and Phil Cayton.

Scenery [here]
FSE [here]
TripTic [here]

Hugh Smith Ranger Station

This is a depiction of Hugh Smith Ranger Station located on the western end of Hugh Smith Lake in the Misty Fjords of Alaska. This scenery was modified from a scenery I created for the default mesh. This version is designed to be used with the Misty Fjords Scenery by Holger Sandmann and the FSAddon Team. From Milt Chambers

AVSIM [here] (01/02/2005)
TripTic [here]

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Ketchikan Airport

This scenery of Ketchikan International Airport ( PAKT ) is both default and Misty Fjords compatable. Though built for FS2004, it should work in FS2002 also. It depicts the main terminal, hangers and other buildings on the airport. Also included is the floatplane dock at PAKT. I also included some optional Rwy12 BGL files for owners of the Rwy12 program to put some life into the scenery but these are not nesessary. Details are in the read me file.
Scenery [here]

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Click for Larger Picture

Last Chance Lake - (update! Download this, replace old one!)

This is a MUST ADD addon scenery for you from Misty Moorings, Inc. Beautiful 15 minute flight from Stewart, BC, over the Portland Canal, up the Salmon River Basin and finally up toward the glaciers to Last Chance Lake where you can park your aircraft and rent a Jeep and go trekking over the glaciers. Even some surprise scenery along the way! This is the perfect flight to show your friends when they come to visit. You will see all the magic of Misty with this.
Scenery [here] (AFCAD updated 01/27/2005)
TripTic [here]

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Misty's Place - the Club House for Misty Fjords Enthusiasts
All are welcome at Misty's Place. This is the "clubhouse" for Misty enthusiasts. The airfield is lit for nighttime operation. This scenery DOES take RAM, so approach with care as it might get "jerky" if you have a slower computer.

Download the Key to Misty's Place [here]

TripTic [HERE]

Misty Lumber Company/Ruff-N-Tuff Mine #2 (Brian Smith)
The Misty Lumber Company is located North of Prince Rupert in the Misty Fjords. The company processes raw logs and produces construction grade lumber. The Lumber Company also has a Railroad spur to receive railroad cars that are barged up to the mill from the Logging sites. The Ruff-N-Tuff mine is located north of Wrangell Alaska and was abandoned during the Second World War as parts were impossible to get for the machinery. Now some new investors want to reopen the mine as the assay reports show Gold in the hills.
AVSIM "alaskan_industrial_a.zip" (01/08/2005)
TripTic [here] (01/10/2005)

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Old Watermill (Loring Watermill)

This fictitious old watermill is to be installed in Holger Sandmans' beautyfull Misty Fjords in Alaska. There is docking facility for floatplanes and lots of candies to look at. Misty Fjords scenery is needed. Details in the download. Scenery by Leon Louis. The update adds salmon leaping in the water and corrects some building heights. Download the scenery first, then add the update.

Download Scenery [here]
Download Update [here] (03/11/2005)

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Punchbowl Lake Cabins
Punchbowl Lake actually looks like a punchbowl, a pretty lake ringed by mountains. In the center of the lake is a little island, and it is upon this tiny island you will find the Punchbowl Lake Cabins complex. There are several cabins, a hard runway, a parking area and fuel is available. This is located off the Behm Canal (Rudyerd Bay/Punchbowl Bay). Scenery and FSE by Bill Dick.
Scenery [here] (03/04/2005)
TripTic [here] (01/14/2005)
FSE [here] (01/14/2005)
UPDATE: AFCAD is now in the Scenery File (03/03/2005)

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Ranger Lookout Station

From Bill Dick, a 3500 foot tricky runway, usually a good wind, weather-permitting a great view, and a perfect perch high above it all to look down at the beautiful scenery of Misty Fjords. This is the Ranger Lookout Station. (This is where the local park ranger watches for forest fires.) A great place to "get away from it all". FSE is available.

Scenery [here] (01/07/2005)
FSE [here]
TripTic [Here]

Ranger Lookout Update

Ranger Lookout Station Update
An update to the 01/07/2005 package, the readme explains the changes and the installation. Download the update

Click to Enlarge

Raptor's Roost
A misty hideaway slipped into the scenery at (what we are naming) Raptor Lake located at N55° 30.33. This is west of Alice Arm close to the Alaskan border on the Portland Canal. The area is very isolated and the only inhabitants are campers, hikers, and mountain goats. There is no runway in the AFCAD2 with a start in it so that it will show on the GPS and the FS Nav Data base. This addon by Joe Watson is a beautiful little painting on the canvass of Holger Sandmann's breathtaking Misty Fjords Scenery. Joe has also added an excellent instructional "readme".
Scenery [here] (12/15/04)
TripTic [here]

Redirection Lodge, Bell Island Hot Springs

Enhances Bell Island Hot Springs, Seaplane Base (KBE). Adds "Redirection Lodge" with guest cabins, dock, boat house, boardwalks, and hot tub. This is a nice place to visit, you can fish for salmon and halibut, hike the trail to the upper lakes or just spend the day beachcombing and soaking in the hot tub. This beautiful lodge was constructed for you by Tom Fica.
Scenery [here] (12/19/04)
AFCAD [here] (01/02/2005)

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Sacs Cove

Located about 40 miles from Ketchikan in the NW corner of Behm Canal, this remote cove is home to a nice little cabin with a good dock. Floatplanes only, no strip.
This scenery by Tom Fica

Scenery [here] (02/20/2005)

Click to Enlarge

Sandmann's Hideaway
I made this scenery to honor and thank Holger Sandmann who created Misty Fjords and for his devotion to our flying world. I wish to thank Bill Womack for his nice landscape work. Lots of candies and FS personalities in this scenery. For night flying, the runway is lit by fires in old barrels. There is also docking facilities for sea planes. The second file is an upgrade to my previous scenery, file "KFF2.zip" I felt sad that Holger would have to cut all this grass so I added some goats and a few more trees and candies. Scenery by: Leon Louis
Download from AVSIM [here] (search Sandmanns Hideaway)
Download Upgrade from AVSIM [here]

Snowy Owl Fish Camp

Welcome to SNOWY OWL Fish Camp! Snowy Owl is located 28 NM from PAKT on a heading of 28*. This is a full service camp. There is a main lodge for meals and for sitting around the fire telling all those great "got away" stories. There is a laundry facility here as well for those who will be staying with us for extended periods of time. Scenery created by AlaskabyDon Don Moser. Loc (N55 38.50 w131 04.28)

Scenery [here] (12/26/2005)
TripTic [here] (01/18/2005)

Enlarge Picture

Spotted Lake Retreat
Complete with runway on small "Spotted Lake" nestled among the mountains off the Behm Canal at N55 49.53 W131 08.70. Has bear viewing and safe storage stand, dock for the floatplane and extra fuel. Lovely cabin with fire in the fireplace. Tent camping available. Wildlife seen in the immediate area. Fly about 5 miles north of the outfall of the Chickamin River on the Behm Canal. The lake is located about 2 miles inland. A misting rapids is your clue to turn left! Scenery by Bill Dick
Scenery [here]
FSE [here]
TripTic [here]

Summit Lake Lodge

The lodge is on a remote corner of beautiful Summit Lake. It comes complete with lodging quarter, a bait and tackle shop and a cabin with bear and lake observation deck. This scenery is by Bill Dick.

Scenery [here] (01/02/2005)
AFCAD [here] (01/02/2005)
FSE [here]
TripTic [here] (01/13/2005)

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Totem Bight Fireworks Display

We now can celebrate 5 holidays of the year at Totem Bight beautiful fireworks displays. If you haven't seen this program, it is a MUST SEE. Read the readme.txt included with the download and it will tell you the times of the fireworks displays. Set your time and date on the computer and go enjoy a celebration. This is Phil Cayton's magic!

Scenery [here]

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Yes Bay Lodge
Lies in a secluded cove to the north of Ketchikan, Alaska. It is a fly-in fishing lodge in the Misty Fjords/Tongass National Monument and Forest. In addition this file contains the Anan Creek Bear Observatory and the Anan Bay U.S. Forestry Service Cabin. I have drawn Read Arrows on the sectional to show you where to look. This project is specifically written for use in conjunction with the MISTY FJORDS add-on from FSADDON.COM By Brian Smith 12/27/2004
Scenery [here]
FSE [here]
TripTic [here]

Yes Bay Lodge Update

Download "yesbaymfpatch.zip"from [here]

Yes Bay Lodge AFCAD Upgrade

AFCAD, add to startup for Anon Bay Cabin [here] (01/14/05)

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