Route Notes:

  • Minimum altitude: 1250 feet (for crest of Betton Isld).
  • Direct Routing: If the weather is favorable, you may fly a heading from Higgins Point of 354 for 37 miles.
  • Landing zone: Water, can freeze in the winter
  • Scenery needed: Eagle Lake Lodge from Misty Moorings, Inc.
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Eagle Lake Lodge

Located about 40 miles north of Ketchikan on Eagle Lake, this little lodge is a great place to spend a week in the beautiful wild of the Tongass National Forest. It has a great dock for fishing or for tying up your boat or floatplane. There is a Jeep for exploring the land around you and a SnowCat to help you get around with heavy snowfall.

TreeTop VFR Plan

From: Ketchikan International
To: Eagle Lake Lodge

1. Fly a heading of about 295 northwest up the center of the Tongass Narrows.
... you will see ward cove off starboard, with the paper mill
... the furthest point of land to your right is Higgins Point
... Higgins Point is at the end of the Tongass Narrows ... fly toward it.

2. Round the point to the right at Higgins Point set a heading of about 330 heading for the high hill on Betton Island, 2 miles ahead. Your next VFR waypoint is Bushy Point, 14 miles at a heading of 354.
... You are now flying into the Behm Canal, the waterway circling Ketchikan
... fly over the tall hill on Betton Island set a heading of 343 for Francis Point (minimum altitude 1250 feet).
...Indian Point is the point coming up 5 miles away at about 2 o'clock. Loring Bay is the bay just before Indian Point.
... You will be flying up the relative center of the Behm Canal.
... When Indian Point is at 3 o'clock, Francis Point will be at 9 o'clock.
... Traiter's Cove is 5 miles at 2 o'clock when you pass Indian Point.
... Bushy Point is the next point of land from starboard after Traiter's Cove. Fly just off shore from Bushy Point.

3. Beside Bushy Point, set a heading for Chin Point, the next point ahead from the starboard side of the Canal ... it is at a heading of 341 for 3 miles.
... When you see the large Neets Bay come up to starboard, you know you are nearing Chin Point, the next point ahead (about 3 miles) coming from the starboard side of the canal.
... Fly to the left (port) side of Chin Point.
... as you approach Chin Point, the point coming from the port shore is Snail Point, and Spacious Bay is beyond it.
... follow the shoreline to Brow Point (the final point of land before the canal opens to starboard).

3. As you pass Brow Point, set a heading of 336 for the shoreline about 5 miles ahead, as you approach the shoreline,you will be turning to starboard into the Bell Arm.
... you will cross over the small Gedney Island and you will see Hassler Island (larger) just beyond it. Plan your heading to fly around Hassler Island to starboard, this will put you in the Bell Arm.
... you will see the inlet to the narrow Yes Bay off your port wing.

4. As you turn into the Bell arm, you heading should come to about 024. Follow to the end of the Bell Arm, then a little to the left over a small lake 1 mile beyond the end of the Bell Arm. (Be ready for a sharp turn to port as you near the lake).
... Follow the curve to starboard of the Bell arm.
... You will see the arm closes off about 4 miles ahead. Fly to the closing.
... the first inlet coming up to port is Bailey Bay.
... you will then pass another small inlet to port called Short Bay.
... Fly straight ahead to what seems to be a dead end of the Bell Arm. (Actually, it turns 90 degrees to starboard).
... As you reach the 90 degree turn to the right of the Bell Arm, prepare to turn slightly LEFT to about 020 toward a small lake about 1 mile ahead.

5. As you approach the small lake, look to port, you will see Eagle Lake, turn sharply to port to set up for a landing on the lake.
... the cabin is about 1/3 of the way down the lake on the port side.


To return direct to Higgins Point, fly a heading from Eagle Lake of 174 for 37 miles.

Doug Linn
Charter Manager
Misty Moorings, Inc

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