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Gallery Shots from Misty Fjords Scenery

Random Screenshots to share the beauty of the new Misty Fjords Scenery Package

Below are just a few of the many screenshots that have been taken while flying around the Misty Fjords Scenery Package area during the beta testing. You may click on any image to get a large picture of it. PLEASE NOTE, some of the screen shots beyond Row 6 are not from the original Misty Fjords scenery package, but are addons from Misty Moorings. Many people are taking movies and using the new panoramic pictures and you can see the results [here]. If you are interested in seeing comparisons of actual digital pictures to actual screenshots, you may look [here].

"For links to other screenshots and movies, click [here].

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Row 1
Row 2
Row 3
Row 4
Row 5
Row 6
Screenshots below are from Misty Moorings Addons (not from original Misty Fjords Scenery Package)
Row 7
Row 8
Terry Carr - Mist at Big Goat Cabin Row 9 Logging by Michael MacKuen
SimDriver landing at Spotted Lake Row
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Links to Screenshots and Movies

Dex Thomas' Movie of Misty

Beautiful movie of Misty showing many of the finer details

Jeff Greth's 7 Movies (01/08/2004)

Great movies ... including a new Beaver video worth watching

Yode's Misty Fjords Screenshots

"Postcard-like" shots of Misty Fjords ... beautiful to see.

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