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Comparison - Real to Virtual


Misty Fjords Comparison Shots (Actual to Screenshots)

The Misty Fjords Scenery Package topography is "exact". The autogen comes from actual US Geological Survey data. In the comparisons below, particularly look at the mountains in the background. The actual camera pictures were taken from the deck of the Serenade of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean Lines ship. Pictures like there were just some of the reasons I personally got involved in this project. The world of Misty Fjords is simply breathtaking, but to be able to come back home, thousands of miles away and recreate the beauty on my own computer still is a particular thrill. For those of you who may never get the chance to actually go and visit the Misty Fjords National Monument ... rest assured, this package will be as close as you will get.

Enjoy the scenery

Doug Linn

A. Actual Camera Shot taken Misty Fjords

A. Screenshot from Misty Fjords Scenery Package

B. Actual Camera Shot taken in Misty Fjords

B. Screenshot from Misty Fjords Scenery

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