Route Notes:

  • Minimum altitude: 1200 feet near landing zone
  • Direct Routing: If the weather is favorable, you may fly a heading from Higgins Point of 183 for 36 miles.
  • Landing zone:
  • Scenery needed
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Hunter Bay Cannery

The Hunter Bay Cannery is located on Hunter Bay on the southwest side of the Prince of Wales Island, about 40 miles direct from Ketchikan. This facility processes the fish from the many fishing fleet boats operating out of their base many of the fleet boats that operate out of the Fleets Bay Parts Dock, located on the southeastern tip of the Prince of Wales Island near Cape Chacon lighthouse. There is a parts shop and restaurant, mostly for the fishermen and pilots. Overnight lodging is available. There is plenty of room to moor your boat or your floatplane along the front docks of the cannery. The draft depth of the channels is 35 feet.

TreeTop VFR Plan

From: Ketchikan International
To: The Hunter Bay Cannery

VFR Directions: Flying to the Hunter Bay Cannery

1. After leaving PAKT or 5KE, position over the center Pennock Island in the Tongass Narrows at a heading of 110

2. At the midpoint of Pennock Island, set a heading of 141 to Gravina Point. This is the point of land at the southern most tip of Gravina Island (the large island on your right), about 2.9 miles distant.
... Prepare for a course correction to starboard.

3. At Gravina Point, set a heading of 194 for 3 miles to fly over Blank Island.

4. Over Blank Island, set a heading of 196 heading for Bostwick Point ... the point just ahead.
...Bostwick Inlet, coming up on our starboard side is another sports fisherman haven. On the other side of this inlet, the point of land is Bostwick Point. We'll be flying over that toward Seal Cove.

5. Over Bostwick Point, we set a course of 170 for the Bron Island, fly to its center.
...We will pass over a little cove called Seal Cove, then head down toward the southern tip of Gravina Island. This is called Dall Head. Bron Island is the larger island showing up at the head of Dall Bay (the bay just before the Dall Head).

6. Exactly over the center of Bron Island, set a course of 185. This course will take you to the mouth of Kendrick Bay, 18.5 miles ahead.
... In the mouth of the bay is the large Kendrick Island. You will want to fly over the center of Kendrick Island.

7. Over Kendrick Island, set a heading of 242. You will be flying over the bay and over the body of land ahead. As you begin to reach the west coast of the island, begin your decent. Pass to the left of Hessa Lake.
... You will be landing just after the ridge ahead of you. You will see a small round lake with a river leading away from it to the west. That river empties into Hunter Bay. Follow the river to Hunter Bay. The cannery is on the right of the bay. NOTE: Beware of fishing vessels often parked in the bay.
...We are now nearing Hunter Bay which is directly ahead of us on the other side of the island. We will now be reducing altitude for our landing in front of the cannery on Hunter Bay.

8. Landing in Hunter Bay
...After you have landed safely, taxi to the cannery's dock and unload your passenger. (Be sure to give him your business card so he contacts you for his next charter!)


VFR Directions: Returning to Ketchikan

Taxi out and take off lining up with a heading of 063. Hessa Lake will come up on the port side of the aircraft. Continue for 6.5 miles until you are over Kendrick Island.

Over Kendrick Island, set a heading for 005. Maintain this course for 18.5 miles to Bron Island.

As you pass by Dall Head and cross over Bron Island, set a heading for 355 and fly along the south coast of Gravina Island. On the way passing Seal Cove, Bostwick Point and heading for Gravina Point. If the weather is clear, you may cut across land to the left of Judy Hill and shortcut to the Tongass Channel. Watch for air traffic for PAKT in this area.

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