Route Notes:

  • Minimum altitude: no minimum ... suggested 1000 feet.
  • Direct Routing: If the weather is favorable, you may fly a heading from Higgins Point of 342 for 46 miles, not altitudes of more than 3300 will be necessary.
  • Landing zone: steel runway and water, water does not freeze in the winter
  • Scenery needed: Bradfield Fisheries, available from Misty Moorings, Inc. (Real Estate Page)
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Bradfield Fisheries

A fisheries, canning processing plant and shipping point located up on the Bradford Channel. It is a bout 45 miles from Ketchikan flying direct, which saves quite a bit of time. It is about twice that far flying TreeTop VFR. With the weather as it usually is, it is safer to fly Treetop

Treetop VFR Plan

From: Ketchikan International
To: Bradfield Fisheries

1. Fly a heading of about 286 northwest up the center of the Tongass Narrows for about 5 miles to Vallenar Point. will see ward cove off starboard, with the paper mill
...the furthest point of land to your left is Vallenar Point. Adjust to fly over it.

2. As you fly over Vallenar Point, set a heading of 288 for 6 miles to Caamino Point.
...As you approach Caamino Point, fly to the left of the point as you are going to go up the west shore of the peninsula.

3. At Caamino Point, follow the coastline north on a heading of approximately 283 for 10 miles to tiny Ship Island.
... You will pass over Niblack Point about 6 miles ahead as you fly up this coast.
... Continue over Niblack Point, straight ahead and watch for Ship Island, about 5 miles ahead. The coastline is curving back to the right.
... Ship Island is a very tiny island that has a marine light on it, head for the marine light.

4. Over Ship Island, set a heading of 318 for Lemesuir Point, ten miles ahead.
... You will pass by Myers Chuck off your right wing and pass over Misery Island near the point.

note: If the visibility is good, you may simply follow the coastline as it turns toward the north not flying over Lemesuir Point.

5. Over Lemesiur Point, set a heading of 356 for Deer Island ten miles ahead. Steer for the left of Deer Island to Kuakan Point.
... You are now flying into the Ernest Sound with Union Bay to your right. Up the coast from Union Bay is Union Point, a unique little peninsula on the the starboard coast 4 miles away.
... About 7 miles from you last waypoint, you will fly over Westerly Island.
... As you approach the "left" shore of Deer Island, the Niblack Islands will pass by your left wing. Steer to fly up the "left" coast of Deer Island.
... the first point of land on Deer Island is "Fool's Creek", steer to fly over that toward the next point which is Kuakan Point 4 miles ahead. This is the north point of Deer Island.

6. At Kuakan Point, set a heading of 356 to fly up the Bradford Canal to Warde Point, 6 miles ahead.
... Warde Point juts out from the starboard shore. You are going to cross over Ward Point and bear to the right up the Bradford Canal.

7. Over Warde Point, set a heading of 036 for 4 miles to continue to fly up the Bradford Canal to Duck Island.
... The Bradford Canal bends to starboard, follow it staying to the center of the canal.
... Duck Island will show up near the center of the Canal, steer to fly over it.
... as you near Duck Island, look off your right wing to see the beautiful Eagle River.

8. At Duck Island, set a heading of 021 (back to the left) and begin your decent for the runway at the fishery.
... watch for a navigation light, the runway will be 1 mile from that navigation marker off to your right, a heading of 059.


To return direct to Ketchikan, fly a heading of 167 for 48 miles to Higgins Point (at the north end of the Tongass Narrows). Note there are mountains on this direct route, about 3400 feet rather near the fishery. Make sure you have sufficient altitude before flying direct back to Ketchikan.

Doug Linn
Charter Manager
Misty Moorings, Inc

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