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News for Misty Moorings What's New, updates, addons, site alterations
Real Estate Office (Scenery) Addon Sceneries from contributors
Charters Office (and TripTix) Flightseeing Charters and TripTix for TreeTop VFR to various sceneries
Hangar (Repaints) Repaints of Misty Fjords and Misty Moorings, Inc aircraft
Library (References) Reference and Resource page for Misty Fjords National Monument and area
Tool Shed (Tools and FAQs) Tools used in Misty Fjords and Frequently Asked Questions
Environmental Office (FSE-AI) FSEnhancer Files and AI Traffic files and FSE Construction Projects
Misty Gallery(Screenshots) Screenshots and movies from the Misty Fjords Scenery Package
Real to Actual Comparisons Comparing screenshots with Actual Misty Fjords digital photographs
Links to our Friends Links to our friends also associated with the area of Misty Fjords
Misty Fjords Scenery Forum For discussions concerning the Misty Fjords scenery package.
Ultimate Scenery Page From Scenery Solutions, Ultimate Scenery for Misty Fjords, patch and all.
Misty's Place The Meeting Place for all Bush Pilots ... Welcome.
Tongass Fjords Sceneries Tongass Fjords Sceneries and Tongass Fjords EZ-Landmark dat files

Totem Bight Operations Center of Misty Moorings, Inc.

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Our operations center is at Totem Bight. Here we have a lodge where you can stay. There is a well stocked Library in this facility so you can learn more about Alaska in general and Ketchikan in particular. Many of these will be links to reference sources for the area. Our Charter Office is also on these grounds and this is where you will go to find the flight-seeing charters, and the TripTix (special VFR directions to addon scenery locations). We also have a Hangar where we can repaint aircraft and full AI traffic at both the floatplane base out front and the airfield up behind the facility.
We even have included an Environmental Office where we make sure the environments of the addons are exciting with FSE and a Tool Shed to house the various tools we use at Misty Moorings, Inc. including our FAQ database that helps with tips, tricks and installation instructions. We are located right beside the Totem Bight State Park a 5 minute flight from PAKT on the Tongass Narrows. All aircraft are welcome at our facility, a convenient starting location to fly to anywhere in Misty Fjords. You start points will be MMI1 for our Seaplane Base and MMI2 for our airfield.

Welcome to Misty Moorings, Inc.

(... and maybe this is Welcome BACK?) Many enthusiasts moved on to FSX and of course, Misty was left behind in history. But to our surprise, the hit count on the page is growing as some disallusioned people are now returning to FS2004 (FS9) and finding there way back "home" to Misty. For that reason, we are updating the site. So you will some some construction efforts going on. To see "what's new" go to the NEWS page and you can see the modifications we are working on for you. With the new GNIS Alaska/Hawaii database out for EZ-Landmark, we found we must now do over the EZ-Landmark database for Misty ... as there were many duplicates. So as we "check out" the charters we are revamping that database. Check with the NEWS page for the latest update. As we re-fly the charters, we are fixing minor erros we found in them and you can see those updates on the NEWS page also. "Misty's Place" will re-open soon. If you are new to Misty Moorings, Welcome. If you are coming back, Welcome Home!.

This site is dedicated to the simmer who wants to spend a little more time enjoying the beauty of Misty Fjords National Monument near Ketchikan, Alaska. Once you have purchased the Misty Fjords scenery package, these addons will add additional pleasure to your experience by offering you special scenery addons, charter flights, and other support files like a special database for EZ-Landmark and flight plans for FSNavigator. Previews for the Misty Fjords scenery package can be viewed [here]

  • Note to VA's: We welcome you to this corner of the world. We are NOT a virtual airline. We have set up flight-seeing charters and have created TripTix (VFR directions) for most addon scenery locations, FSNavigator files, EZ-Landmark files, etc. ... all for YOUR company's enjoyment. So please download the files, use the airports and enjoy the scenery. You'll find the flight-seeing charters and TripTix great for MP situations. (Drop us a line if you fly into PANT or PAKT and we'll put you on our links page).
  • Also, we are NOT commercially linked to the Misty Fjords Scenery package. We were privileged to be a part of the beta team, and frankly that is why we got excited enough to put together this site for you. The files and charters here will help you make the most of your purchase. We want you to move from "flying a scenery" to "using a scenery" ... that's what will make it as real as it gets. Misty Fjords is not something you "fly over" it is something you "fly into" ... a totally immersion in virtual flight.
  • For those who enjoy making sceneries, AI traffic files, FSE files ... your contributions are welcome here. We have some experts that will "check it out" then we'll post it. For some folks, once in a while they need a little help trying to put something together, again, contact us here, I bet we've run into your design problem before, we'd be happy to help you.
  • Startup Note: Get the basic scenery and AI Traffic addon files [here]. Once you have these, then look at the Charters and TripTix to decide which one you may want to fly. If you have EZ-Landmark, download that database from [here].

If you are lucky enough to visit Alaska along the coastline, if you look up, you will see a very busy sky. Not just the occasional jet trail at 35,000 feet, but much lower ... float planes, helicopters, amphibians, ski planes ... all buzzing around busily hurrying from here to there.Click to EnlargeOnce you get off a main road, Alaska is almost not accessible, that is UNLESS you have a plane versatile enough to land in the varying terrain of the interior (ice, dirt, water and the rare paved runway). So the small and versatile bush planes and helicopters become the workhorses for linking the remote areas of Alaska to the rest of the world.

If you want to experience the low flying VFR routing of these amazing aircraft and experience the courage of pilots who fly them, you will enjoy what Misty Moorings, Inc. can offer. But we want to add something more than just a route for you to follow. When you look out the window of your virtual bush plane ... what is it you are seeing? If you fly as a tourist in Alaska, your pilot is also a tour guide pointing out the sites and telling stories about the history of the area over which you are flying. We want you to also experience Alaska from a tourist's point of view. So you can not only fly through this beautiful scenery, but so you can learn about it to better understand what you are seeing. The charters and TripTix you'll find here are designed for "the tourist lurking in all of us."

The addon scenery files give you places to go within the Misty Fjords Scenery package. We have added fish canneries, fishing fleets, lumber, ranger stations, lodges, hideaways, saw mills and many other interesting things to seek and see. You will find float plane bases with AI floatplane traffic ... and many more wonderful additions yet to come.

The charters help you learn the territory, they expand your knowledge of the visual waypoints you are encountering so you will know where to make your turns, ascents and descents. Also, it is easy Click to Enlargeto set a GPS and fly to a waypoint for a lake or a cabin, but what do you do when the weather is not ideal? (You will see, when you download the weather from the internet to make your flight more realistic, that 8 out of 10 times, you are at minimal VFR conditions). But you have people vacationing out in the forest in the cabins that need to be picked up "on Monday" and other visitors who will take their place "on Monday." If you wait for the blue skies, you will have some starving people out in the wilderness and a long line of people in your waiting room drinking your free coffee! Ceilings of 2000 feet are typical ... but the mountains range from 2000 to 7500 feet. You may easily get above the clouds and fly to a GPS waypoint, but where are you going to come down through such a ceiling with hundreds of rocky peaks below you? The only way to solve this problems is fly treetop, above the flat and and [mostly] predictable surface of the water. This means the route you take may not be direct at all, but will be winding through the maze of mountains and fjords. None of these have electronic waypoints ... you must learn to recognize them, visually. The charters, triptix and EZ-Landmark database (if you own EZ) teach you how to do this.

Misty Moorings, Inc Charters are available

You can find charters compiled for you complete with briefing (for the Kneeboard), FSNavigator files, EZ-Landmark database, maps and "Treetop VFR" and narration plans. The Charters are designed to give you guided tours of the area taking you to the various far reaches of the scenery or straight through the heart of the glacier area. These Charters are a good starting point for getting to know your way around Misty Fjords. You can find the charters we have ready for you to date at the Charter Office. You may go to the Charter Office to see how these are put together, then select one and read through it to see if this is one you would like to fly. If you select it, you will be offered all the tools you need for an exciting and informative charter.

Misty Moorings, Inc. TripTix are Available

As in the real Misty Fjords, things are not so easy to find, not only for the real pilot but also for the virtual pilot. When sceneries are added to this beautiful area they seem to disappear in the vastness of Misty Fjords. To help you find the various addon sceneries from Misty Moorings, we are creating TripTix that will help you use VFR Treetop directions to find many of the locations. You can download these and keep them in the map box under the seat in your favorite plane. When you get a charter to go to a certain place, just dig through the map box, find the TripTic and Scotch Tape it to your panel so you can follow the directions to your destination. As we've stated before, Misty Fjords Scenery is not something to "fly over" ... it is something to "fly into." The TripTix will help you with this immersion experience.

Misty's Place

  • NOTEM: Misty's Place is being renovated and will be open for business soon. Misty's Place was opened up on February 26th, 2005. This is our (web) club house for the virtual pilots who regularly fly the beautiful Misty Fjords. What we have discovered is that many people "try the scenery and stay" ... rarely flying anywhere else. Misty becomes a "home" for them. So for these people, we 've made a special place we call "Misty's Place." You will find a forum (lounge) where you can chat with other virtual pilots also making their home in Misty Fjords. We have live weather reporting for the area, a bulletin board so people can post MP activities, or anything else having to do with the area. There is a special addon scenery for Misty's Place complete with FSE sounds and enhancement. Also, one of our main features is "A Misty Tale" ... an on-going flightsim story by Bryan Kirk. Here you can follow the adventures of David "Buck" Wilson as he discovers and then settles down in Misty Fjords. If you would like to join us, please click on the "key" icon below and follow the instructions. All are welcome at Misty's Place.
    The Key to Misty's Place

Beyond Misty - Ultimate Terrain by Scenery Solutions

For those of you who "fly Misty" frequently, you surely have encountered a certain amount of disappointment as you approach where the Misty Fjords scenery ends and the FS9 default scenery begins. Now, Allen Kriesman of Scenery Solutions has given us a landclass that is nearly as breathtaking as Holger Sandmann's Misty Fjords. This new package renders beautiful scenery for Alaska and Canada "beyond Misty." Holger and Allen have teamed up and designed a patch that "matches" the two packages to an almost seamless boundary. You can learn more about this commercial package and the "Misty Patch" by going to the Beyond Misty page [here].

Summary ...

What we have done is to start with the Misty Fjords Scenery Package created by Holger Sandmann and use this as a canvas so the flight simming community can create their own virtual picture of their world in Misty Fjords.

Our addon sceneries give the virtual pilot places to "go see." The charters and the TripTix help the virtual pilots find their way around the beautiful Misty Fjords.

Mistys Place gives people a place to gather and share their experiences as well as provide entertainment via the Misty Tale. All this comes together to give everyone a customized "home" in Misty Fjords. Don't be surprised if you try the Misty Fjords Scenery Package then start putting in the Misty Moorings, Inc. addons, that you might also "stay" in the area. If that happens to you, we have a place for you, and you are welcome to stay with us.

Happy Flying,
The Misty Moorings, Inc. Team

Misty Moorings Receives Armchair Aviator's (AAA) Silver Award

AAA Award If a product has a Silver AAA, it means it is special enough to stand out from the pack and that I think that you are going to have a lot of fun using it. There are only a few developers out there capable of coding software to the standard that might attract a Silver and I don't expect them to be achieve the standard consistently. One of the problems with the original AAA was that I ended up giving it to just about every Flight1, DreamFleet, Captain Sim and RealAir product because those guys never seem to let their standards slip - so the award became routine and ultimately there was no way of distinguishing the best thing one of those four ever did from products of theirs which were merely good. The Silver says that you are looking at a very impressive package which leaves the competition for dead and if this is an area of flight simulation that interests you, you ought to be coming up with reasons not to buy it, rather than the other way around. It won't mean that the package is absolutely the best one of its type available, there may be other products in the same class with Silvers - for example, given the rate that simulations of Boeings are released, it is hard to imagine that we won't see some absolutely outstanding packages in the future, and so it is just about possible that you might find two versions of the same plane being given Silvers - but such cases will be few and far between.

Andrew Herd

Misty Fjords Scenery Package - Released!

Holger Sandmann is a master when it comes to 'landscaping' for FS9. He makes LARGE areas of the flight simulator landscape look REAL. The size of the area covered by this package is larger than Switzerland. You will be amazed when you see this landscape unfold before your eyes when flying over it. Only a small part of the improvements are caused by high resolution mesh. Far more important are the replacement of the coastlines and rivers, lakes and roads. And the replacement of default textures, addition of special textures, glaciers, frozen water and more. This is what sets Holger's titles apart from the 'rest' and raises the bar of 'reality and immersion' once again!

Tongass Fjords Scenery Package - Released!

Tongass Fjords is the successor and complement to Misty Fjords. Tongass Fjords is a major cooperation between Holger Sandmann and Bill Womack, now not only including the already legendary 'Sandmann Landscape' but also a true-to-life regional airport (Sitka), the town of Petersburg and quite a few other settlements, airports, seaplane bases and harbors. As you will learn there is a plethora of things to see, discover, experience and visit !!! Tongass Fjords is supported by the same team that brought you Misty Fjords, and it will cover the area north of Misty. It is fully compatible with Ultimate Terrain right from the start, and also compatible to Misty Fjords, Freight Dogs and FD 'The Scenery' ! With Tongass Fjords we bring you a whole new FS world !!! Nope, we’re not exaggerating one little bit, as you will soon see after installing it. Tongass Fjords really is what Publishing is all about….. enhancing your immersion in the wonderful world of Flight Simulation. Tongass Fjords will give you the feeling of ‘being there’ more than ANY other product currently on the market. Sure, sure, marketing speak, right!? We are convinced that you will agree with us after installing Tongass Fjords….. and all its additional scenery, objects. After all: we already made Misty Fjords !! .

The Scenery Page for Tongass Fjords can be found HERE and the Web Page for Tongass Wild can be found HERE

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