Leduc River Route

Entering the Chickamin Outfall

Route Notes:

Fix 7 - Following the Chickamin basin

At Fix 7, you will see the rivers splitting. The Chickamin River goes off to the right and the Leduc, which we will be following goes off to the left. At fix 7, turn to the left and set your heading for 353 and fly straight for about 3 miles to what looks like the end of this valley. You will then turn to starboard.

Fix 8 - The River Basins Diverge

At Fix 8, you will turn to starboard setting a heading for 020, but you will only fly this heading shortly as the river quickly bends back to port. This is the Leduc River coming toward us fro the left with the Chickamin River veering off to the right.

Fix 9 - Round the Bend

At Fix 9 follow the bend around to port on a heading of 341 for about 3 miles. Your next turn will follow the river basin a little to starboard to fly a straight section of the basin. We are now in the Leduc River Basin and will follow it to its source, the foot of the Leduc Glacier 20 miles ahead and 5500 feet above us.

Fix 10 - Continue to follow the Leduc Basin

At Fix 10 -Change your heading to 009 and follow this heading up the river for 4 miles. You'll be following the curves in the river as that become a little more frequent as we near the glacier.

Fix 11 - Continue the Turns

At Fix 11 -Correct your heading to 344 for and maintain it for 2.7 miles.

Fix 12 - Start your climb to the Glacier

Change your heading back to 009 for 3.6 miles ... continuing to wind you way along the basin following the meandering Leduc River.

Fix 13 - Continue Increasing your Altitude

At Fix 13, set a heading of 037 and CONTINUE INCREASING ALTITUDE TO 6000 feet at 700 fpm. You will continue this heading for 3 miles. We are about 6 miles from the glacier.

Fix 14 - Glacier comes into Sight

At Fix 14, make a turn toward starboard setting your heading at 072. Once you make the turn, you will see the foot of the Leduc Glacier coming down the mountain above you, continue to increase your altitude. Your next course correction is 3 miles ahead, only a slight adjustment in heading to port.

Fix 15 - Over the Foot

At Fix 15, change your heading slightly to 064 to stay over the center of the glacier's foot ... continue climbing (you'll be glad you did!).

Fix 16 - Follow the Foot

At Fix 16, turn left to a heading of 357 to follow the curve of the glacier, be ready for a turn to starboard as the glaciers turns. Follow this for about 2 miles. As you reach the summit of the glacier you will notice a "nanatuk" straight ahead of you.

Fix 17 - A Tricky Turn to the Right

At Fix 17, you are at the summit of the glacier, you will see a rounded hump just to starboard, you will want to fly to the right around that hump changing your heading to 179. On this heading, you will fly down the Leduc Glacier heading for the Soule Glacier. You will maintain this heading for 7 miles. If you would like to land on the glacier, there are several safe places on this particular leg of the flight.

Fix 18 - Crossing the Chickamin Glacier and the Through Glacier

At this fix, set your heading for 179 degrees. Maintain your altitude flying this leg for 7 miles. You will be crossing the Chickamin Glacier ... look down into the valley on the right and you will see the Chickamin River Basin miles below, a beautiful view on a clear day. Ahead, you will see the Through Glacier. There are some good places to land on this glacier also.

Fix 19 - Turning down the Through Glacier

Over the center of the Through Glacier, turn leftto a heading of 118 and maintain this course for 6 miles. At the end of this glacier we will be turning to the right onto the Soule Glacier. As you approach the turn to the Soule Glacier, look over the edge and you will see "No Name Lake," a jewel of a lake nestled in the valley below. It is at an altitude of only 606 feet.

Fix 20 - The Soule Glacier

Turn right over the Soule Glacier, to a heading of 142. You should begin reducing altitude.

Fix 21 - The foot of the Soule Glacier

Fly a heading of 125 over the foot of the Soule Glacier and on down to the melt waters that form the Soule River. We will follow the Soule River to its outfall in the Portland Canal, about 6 miles from here. Continue your descent toward 1200 feet at 900 fpm. Don't forget to reduce your engine revs so you do not overspeed.

Fix 22 - Hayford Mountain and the Portland Canal

Turn to 088. The large mountain passing to your right is Hayford Mountain. Ahead you can see the outfall of the Soule River into the beautiful Portland Canal. We will be flying out over the Portland Canal and turning to port to line up for an approach at Stewart, BC.

Fix 23 - Lining up for Approach to Stewart, BC

Fly almost across the Portland Canal, then turn to port to a heading of 003. This will line you up for your approach at Stewart, BC. Adjust altitude accordingly for a safe landing. As you approach Stewart, the Salmon River outfall will appear on your left. These are the melt waters from the Salmon Glacier some 5000 feet above you. The Salmon River is one of the best salmon fishing rivers in the world. The small community beside the outfall is Hyder, AK.

Welcome to Stewart, BC ... we hope you enjoyed your flight.

If you have not yet flown the Chickamin River Route, you can download the route from the top table. If you don't want to fly the first 6 fixes again, then you can fly direct to Fix 6 and use the information listed below for the Chickamin River flight. You will find it is an entirely different scenery, just as beautiful and you will see several glaciers you've not yet seen.